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The Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) operates throughout the country to meet the needs of low-income families. While staying true to the original model, EFNEP has changed and evolved over the years. This website will help you find current and historic resources, training materials, and toolkits to strengthen, expand, and evaluate your state’s program.

*NEW* Distance Education Forum to share helpful strategies, ask questions, and share resources.


These resources will help your program access the most current evaluation materials, paraprofessional training resources, marketing and recruitment examples, social media and technology content, and EFNEP logos and style guide.

New EFNEP Adult Questionnaires


These toolkits are a collection of ready-to-use materials for different EFNEP initiatives.


EFNEP PSE Guidance


Find training materials to support effective programs and implementing technology and social media initiatives, along with conference presentation archives from 2009-2017.

NC Online lessons, webinar and materials

Facebook Live Program Delivery (UK)