These resources will help your program access the most current evaluation materials, paraprofessional training resources, marketing and recruitment examples, social media and technology content, and EFNEP logos and style guide.

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EFNEP IRB Coordinator Toolkit

This document was produced by the EFNEP IRB Taskforce to address EFNEP’s possible need for IRB review and approval at local institutions. It does not address IRB review and approval related to EFNEP specific research.

WebNEERs SPS files

SPS files (Create the working file FPAQ 2018; Adult End of Year Syntax FPAQ 2018; Youth Label Syntax; Youth Syntax 2017; EFNEP Data ERROR Check Syntax) hosted on Google Drive. Please email for assistance if you cannot access Google Drive.

2016 EFNEP Conference Innovations in EFNEP

Updates from the EFNEP Technology & Social Media Committees at the 2016 National Coordinators’ Conference in Arlington, VA.

2014 EFNEP Southern Region Conference Social Media Committee Presentation

Slides from the social media committee’s presentation at the 2014 EFNEP Southern Region Conference about communicating with and engaging potential participants on popular social media sites.

2014 EFNEP Conference Social Media Committee Presentation

How EFNEP programs can use social media to recruit for classes, maintain communication with participants, and offer support and encouragement as individuals strive to improve their eating and exercise habits.

2015 EFNEP Conference EFNEP Social Media Committee Coordinators Needs Assessment and Future Directions

An explanation of the EFNEP social media working group that brainstorms ways EFNEP workers can use online resources in their state programs.

2013 EFNEP Conference Presentation

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